Review TFM-24-EB Desal Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Immediately after installation, made easy with Quick-Connect fittings, the TFM-24-EB Desal reverse osmosis membrane will help ensure you enjoy the highest quality water possibleFeaturing a control valve and flow control, this system significantly reduces the risk of leakage without

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Review TFM-75EB Desal Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The GE Osmonics Desal TLC-75-CV is a reverse osmosis membrane and polypropylene housing built all-in-oneRO filtration reduces fluoride, lead, barium, cadmium, and a whole lot moreThe permeate check-valve included in the membrane unit eliminates additional fittings and potential leaks.

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Review TFM-18-EB Desal Reverse Osmosis Membrane

A genuine OE part, the TFM-18-EB Desal reverse osmosis membrane keeps your water quality and system efficiency high throughout its lifespanBuilt with Quick-Connect fittings for remarkably easy installation, and a surface that self-cleans continuously for maximum value, this membrane

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